Comfort Zone

NBE & Bart Moeyaert (1/3)

Sunrise concert: The Creation

05:26 - 06:26 Water Meter Stage
05:26 - 06:26 Water Meter Stage

Complete Haydn trilogy

Imagine experiencing all of life in one day at Oranjewoud Festival . From birth to death, the Netherlands Wind Ensemble and Flemish writer Bart Moeyaert take you on a journey through three famous works by Franz Joseph Haydn. These will be performed throughout the day under the titles De Schepping, Het Paradijs and De Hemel.


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The Creation

The Creation is the first part of this successful music theater trilogy by De Blazers. The starting point of the performance is Haydn's oratorio Die Schöpfung in an original and unusual arrangement for wind ensemble by Josef Triebensee, a contemporary of the composer. Bart Moeyaert wrote a new text to the early music and tells the story himself during the concerts: 

'In the beginning, there was nothing.
It's hard to imagine that.
You have to let everything that is there now not be there yet.
You have to turn off the light, and not be there yourself,
and then forget all the darkness,
because in the beginning there was nothing, including the dark.
If you want to see the beginning of everything, you have to leave out very much.
Even your mother.

We sought out a special spot in the park landscape especially for this early "birth concert" (the sunrise at 5:25 a.m. marks the start), where you can watch the sun rise. Afterwards there will be a communal breakfast with the musicians and the narrator at Festivalhart de Proeftuin. 



Franz Joseph Haydn - Die Schöpfung ( rev. Josef Triebensee) 


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