Ticket sales

There are two types of tickets: festival bands and single (concert) tickets. You order them while browsing the program:

  1. Click on Tickets by the corresponding performance to order tickets for parts of Play, Comfort or Expedition Zone or on the heart ♥ to add them to your favorites. With free festival tape.
  2. Buy a Festival tape for everything that day in Festivalhart de Proeftuin and Family Zone taking place that day. It does not matter from which program section on that day you order the festival band.

Loose cards

Single tickets give access to specific performances or daytime programs of Play Zone, Comfort Zone and Expedition Zone.

  • Youth 4 to 18 years only €2.50 per ticket
  • Youths 19 to 30 years 50% discount
  • Festival Wristband included worth €5

To the program

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Yes and no:

  • With a Festival Wristband, you have one day of access to the full program at Festivalhart de Proeftuin and Family Zone. Festival Wristbands are included with single tickets and free for children.
  • In addition, single day tickets are available for Expedition Zone that allow you to visit all installations and performances in and around Museum Belvédère between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., including the current exhibition. Please note! Your Museumkaart is also valid for this.
  • For all other performances and concerts only single tickets are available. Offering single tickets and passe-partouts is difficult to combine. By choosing a system of single tickets, we keep the festival accessible to everyone.

You can easily order tickets for Oranjewoud Festival online through this site. Have you found the concert of your choice? Click on Tickets in the orange block on the page of the performance. For programs that are part of Festivalhart de Proeftuin or Family Zone, buy a Festivalbandje.

Choose the number of tickets or Festival Wristbands and place them in your shopping cart. Click Finish Order and choose if you want to log in, create an account or order without an account.

Immediately after you pay with iDeal, Mastercard or Visa you will receive the cards in your mailbox. Printing may, but is not necessarily necessary. With the barcode on your phone we can scan the cards.

If you want to order tickets for several concerts, it is easy to use favorites (a kind of shopping list). While browsing through the website, you can collect the concerts you want to go to one by one by clicking the heart next to the order button at each concert, or on the overview page with all concerts. When you are done with that, click on the heart in the menu bar to see a list of all your chosen concerts.

To order them next, click on the Tickets of any concert button. For each type, enter the number of tickets you want and click Continue Shopping. You will then return to your other favorites to order another concert.

When your order is complete, click Finish Order. You will then get an overview of your complete order. Check if everything is correct and click again on Complete order. You can now choose to log in, create an account or order without an account. Your order will be saved for 48 hours.

Just show your concert ticket(s) and you can pick up your festival band at the box office. So keep your ticket(s) handy. The band is valid on the same day as your ticket(s) for Play, Comfort and/or Expedition Zone.

In previous years, people who ordered tickets for multiple concerts could take advantage of a stacking discount. This has unfortunately expired in 2023. On the other hand, we are not raising ticket prices, despite significantly higher material and personnel costs. Also, from now on we will give a Festival Wristband as a gift with the purchase of single tickets from Play, Comfort and Expedition Zone.

We realize that visitors who buy many (different) tickets are especially affected by this, and we are very sorry about that.

You do not need to create an account to order tickets.

If you order tickets for more than one concert, you may want to create an account. In your account you will find all your tickets in a convenient overview. Here you can always find your tickets. This is also accessible via your smartphone, so you can have your tickets scanned from your phone.

Please note! Even if you order without an account, we need some data, among other things to be able to send the tickets. Of course we will treat your data confidentially.

Festival Box Office

Starting Thursday afternoon, May 25, there will be a festival box office and information desk at the entrance to the festival site. You can come here for information, to pick up your festival ticket or to buy tickets for concerts and performances that are not yet sold out. You can only pay here with PIN or contactless.

Photo: Foppe Schut

Give a Gift

When you purchase one or more festival tickets, you are given the opportunity to buy an extra ticket for someone who would like to attend a concert, but cannot afford it. The extra tickets purchased in this way will reach interested parties through Voedselbank Heerenveen.

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Do you have another question? Feel free to ask it. You can email us using the buttons below.

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During office hours and during the festival, we can be reached by phone at (0513) 20 11 58.

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Oranjewoud Festival is a low-threshold, multifaceted and stimulating music festival in the fairytale parkland of Oranjewoud near Heerenveen (Friesland) | May 30 to June 2, 2024

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