Comfort Zone

Quatuor Arod

Haydn and Beethoven

17:15 - 18:15 Salon Podium
17:15 - 18:15 Salon Podium

Who or what is "Arod? A forgotten composer, a mythical city, a mysterious anagram? None of these. Quatuor Arod chose a horse from Rohan as their patron figure, taken from Tolkien's Into the Ring. A symbol of strength and passion, the animal also embodied freedom and camaraderie, as the elf Legolas was given him on loan without reins or saddle. 

Founded in 2013 as a student quartet at the Conservatoire de Paris, the ensemble managed to win first prize in the prestigious FNAPEC competition within a year. Two years later, the quartet won the ARD in Munich, a prize that is awarded only sporadically and with which they followed in the footsteps of the Tokyo, Artemis and Ébène Quartets. 

At the festival, they will perform two works: Beethoven's famous string quartet opus 131 and Haydn's string quartet in E-flat. 



Joseph Haydn - String Quartet in E-flat major, opus 76 no. 6 

Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartet in c-sharp minor, opus 131 

Food Drinking

From a cup of coffee to a hot dish. What could be cozier than having some food and drinks after the concert with other festival visitors, friends or the musicians themselves?

Food and drink

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