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This year, Festivalhart de Proeftuin will once again feature a large number of vendors who together offer a delicious assortment of the most diverse dish: from a quick snack or smoothie to a full meal. And at the bars you can get tasty soft drinks, a local beer or a delicious glass of wine.

Below is a list of all the providers who will be present.

Festivalhart de Proeftuin

Parkhotel Tjaarda

At Parkhotel Tjaarda you taste the immediate region. What starts with the farmer, they finish with soul, bliss and elegance. Of course, again this year you can get a (veggie) burger sandwich on a bierbostel bun with them.


Wine & Food

The most delicious cheese* and drinks boards can be found at Wine & Food! They also serve mustard and tomato soup* and you'll find nice hot grilled sandwiches* and nachos*!

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.



If you're in the mood for barista coffee, head to By-Kees! A cappuccino, espresso or latte with oat milk, anything goes. Of course, there is also tea and delicious cakes*.

* Also available vegan.


Frisone Pazzo

This Italian Osteria makes insanely delicious dishes like bruscetta*, bavette from the grill and gnocchi*. Don't forget to order oysters!

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.


PUUR Ice Cream

Fancy a delicious ice cream? PUUR Ice Cream has artisanal ice cream*, prepared in the purest way possible. Delicious ice cream with a large portion of fresh fruit! Are you coming to get a nice ice cream?

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.


Afiyet Olsun

A unique taste experience with traditional Turkish dishes can be found at Afiyet Olsun. Think filo dough börek* with cheese and spinach or Turkish pizza rolls. Feeling sweet? Then try the homemade baklava*!

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.

Photo company


Ruben and Imke cook to the stars and prepare a daily changing dish of the day. In addition, every day you will find a tom kha kai meal soup*, garlic carrot sandwich from the grill* and a tasty desemtosti, baked on the Ofyr.

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.




The Ice Cream Bike

De IJsfiets has it: the most delicious organic scoop ice cream*. Ice cream that will make your taste buds dance. Made from the milk of happy cows. Which flavor will you choose?

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.


Vitamin Bo

Vitamin Bo likes to surprise you with colorful smoothies, the tastiest lemonades and fresh fruit. Your healthy vitamin boost*!

* Also available vegan.

Photo Lucas Kemper

Peter's Party Service

If you're in the mood for flammkuchen* this is the place to be. But you can also go here for wok noodles* with your choice of ingredients and sauce. Would you rather have a ham sandwich, kebab or Brandt & Levie sausage? Peter is happy to serve it. If you still have some space left, stop by for a crepe* with strawberries & whipped cream, for example!

* Vegetarian and/or vegan options also available.



We are serving our own tea and coffee from Van Balen in The Tasting Garden this year (see below). If you fancy barista coffee, you can visit By-Kees.

Van Balen Coffee
New coffee with a rich history.

Originally founded in 1881 and not continued over a hundred years later. And in 2020, after 4 decades of absence, reintroduced to the market by the current generation of Van Balen's.

With a range of contemporary and accessible coffees, Van Balen is the perfect complement to the house coffee in the hospitality industry, or the coffee you sit down to enjoy at home.

Van Balen Coffee is not the coffee for next to your keyboard. Or the coffee whose last sip is cold because you forgot about it. It is the coffee you take a moment to reflect on. Even though the world is spinning.


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Oranjewoud Festival is a low-threshold, multifaceted and stimulating music festival in the fairytale parkland of Oranjewoud near Heerenveen (Friesland) | May 30 to June 2, 2024

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