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Atlas Soloists: daegum and koushnai

Hyelim Kim and Shavkat Matyoqubov

15:00 - 16:35 Museum Belvedere
15:00 - 16:35 Museum Belvedere

Play times

15:00-15:15 and 15:20-15:35
16:00-16:15 and 16:20-16:35

The Atlas Ensemble's second residency at Oranjewoud Festival will take place from May 24 to June 2, 2024. This culminates in the premiere of the second of a series of new compositions Joël Bons is writing for Oranjewoud Festival. Leading up to this special performance on June 2, you can get acquainted with a number of instruments from Asia and the Middle East that make up the Atlas Ensemble. In this concert, top musicians will sound on the Korean daegum and the Uzbek koushnai.


The daegeum is a large bamboo flute that dates back to seventh-century Silla. It is one of three flutes, the large daegeum, the medium-sized junggeum and the small sogeum. The daegeum has one blowhole, six finger holes and an additional opening covered by a thin membrane. The instrument produces a distinctive buzzing sound that is both refined and gentle.

The koushnai is a reed wind instrument made of two coupled reed pipes twenty centimeters long. The koushnai has a very distinct sound: due to the use of two bamboo stems, there is a microtonal vibration between the two notes. The range is d1-c3 (d3). The koushnai is not a virtuoso instrument like the flute. The technique is akin to that of the duduk.


Various traditional compositions for daegum, koushnai and bagpipes

Giel Vleggaar - Dulcinea for duduk

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