Expedition Zone

The Folly (Premiere)

Fake Art and Real Truths

22:30 - 23:30 Folly
22:30 - 23:30 Folly

No Night of the Park in 2023 , but rather the completed performance The Folly of which a short preliminary study was shown last edition. Now it is a full-fledged concert about real truths and fake art. And vice versa. After darkness falls, you can attend The Folly with its beautiful projections in a specially made open-air theater at the back of the Overtuin.

In fact, there is a little temple there. At least, so it seems. The structure is called a folly . Follies are fantasy buildings erected purely for fun in 19th-century gardens by nobility and wealthy people. Passersby were thus fooled. In De Folly , such a fake building is at the center. Two more buildings stand on either side. Suddenly, the columns of the folly start moving. You see and hear several guitarists playing variations on the La Folia, one of the most famous and oldest themes in European music. Soon it is no longer clear which reality we are actually looking at, which guitarist is real and which is fake.

Oranjewoud Label



P. van der Phaliezen - Pavane et Gaillarde des Bouffons


N. Paganini - Cantabile

S. Reich - Electric Counterpoint

F. Schubert - Ständchen

L. Boccherini - Fandango

L. Houtkamp - Folia 1

S. Reich - Nagoya Guitars

C. Meijering - The insects are coming (part).

L. Houtkamp - Folia 2

L. Legnani - Capriccio

G. Rossini - Di tanti regi e popoli

G. Bizet - Carmen Suite no.1 (Aragonaise, Seguidilla)

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