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AM.OK & Vuma Levin Quintet

Sublime fusion of South African and Western musical traditions

South African guitarist, composer and thinker Vuma Levin proudly presents his latest album The Past Is Unpredictable, Only The Future Is Certain, in collaboration with AM.OK. During this special concert, Vuma Levin and Dutch composer Tijn Wybenga break free from historical power relations between our cultures and join forces for a unique collaboration.

Sublime fusion

With South African culture as their inspiration, based on old field recordings, they have created new music in which this culture merges equally with our Western musical tradition. Be transported to the hinterlands of Kwazulu Natal and the townships of Soweto and Khayelitsha, enriched by the magnificent strings and horns of the award-winning AM.OK, the Amsterdam Modern Orchestra.



Players Vuma Levin Quintet
Xavi Torres Vicente (piano)
Marco Zenini (bass)
Jeroen Batterink (drums)
Bernard van Rossum (tenor sax)
Vuma Levin (composer, guitar, vocals and spoken word)


Players AM.OK
Pablo Rodriguez (violin)
Yanna Pelser (viola)
George Dumitriu (viola)
Pau Sola (cello)
Alistair Payne (trumpet)
Nabou Claerhout (trombone)
Federico Calcagno (bass clarinet)
Tijn Wybenga (conductor, arranger)


A recording will be made of this concert by the NTR. This will be broadcast on Sunday, June 4 in Het Avondconcert on NPO Klassiek. More about NTR Classical

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