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SOLO: Dario Calderone

Pakhûs SOLO presents on Oranjewoud Festival

Pakhûs SOLO
Oranjewoud Festival has entered into a new partnership with Pakhûs SOLO in Stiens, a village just north of Leeuwarden. This initiative of Stichting Stinze-Stiens has the motto "new music for curious audiences" and is programmed by harpist Beate Loonstra. In a small and intimate warehouse that has been converted into a concert hall, concerts take place on Friday evenings that focus on new music, performed by one person. Solo, in other words.

For the first SOLO concert at Oranjewoud Festival , Beate brought in bassist Dario Calderone because of the incredible wealth of timbres he manages to unlock on his instrument. In the work Voyage that Never Ends, composer and master bassist Scodanibbio integrates a wide spectrum of alternative playing modes borrowed from other instruments. The 45-minute work is widely regarded as the most interesting piece ever written for double bass.

Beate Loonstra: "Rarely have I heard so many different timbres from a single string instrument as with Voyage that Never Ends in Dario Calderone's performance. Scodanibbio personally passed the composition on to him; the work was never published. This makes Calderone one of the few in the world who can perform it. The 45-minute time slot is like an adventurous journey, which - as it often is - flies by. We are delighted in this collaboration to give the solo performance a place in the beautiful interpretation and setting of Oranjewoud Festival. We cordially invite everyone to join us on this "expedition"!

The concert opens with Garoe for field recordings and double bass, a composition by Dario himself. The Garoe is the now extinct fountain tree of the Canary Islands. This tree was able to capture and condense the water from the air of the trade winds, creating a small stream at its feet.



Dario Calderone - Garoe (2023)
Stefano Scodanibbio - Voyage that Never Ends (1998)

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