Salut Salon (DE)

Like so many successful music quartets, Salut Salon started as a duet, two constant companions; a perfect team of two women who have known each other since childhood, and who have grown together artistically – both passionate about music, both “devil’s violinists”: Iris Siegfried and Angelika Bachmann. 

Together they broke their strings in the school orchestra, founded a flat-share while they were at university, travelled the world, a tour they financed by busking wherever they went. After their return to their native Eppendorf, a neighbourhood in central Hamburg (to be precise: at the home of a friend, Ameli Winkler) Iris and Angelika established – all out of sheer passion for their art- their legendary “jour fixe”, in keeping with the tradition of art-lovers at the turn of the last century, who paid homage to the literary and musical muses by meeting for recitals and performances in each other’s houses.

Passion, however, has unforeseeable consequences: the favourite piece of the very first quartet formation (Angelika Bachmann, Iris Siegfried, Ameli Winkler and Simone Bachmann) – Edward Elgar’s “Salut d’amour” – was the inspiration for the name “Salut Salon”, and after the very first public performance (with three apparently magical pieces) the German national newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” declared: “A quartet is born” ...

Angelika Bachmann, viool
Iris Siegfried, viool
Sonja Lena Schmid, cello
Olga Shkrygunova, piano

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Salut Salon (DE)

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