Expedition Zone

Virtual Tactilty

Death as a virtual dimension

10:00 - 17:00 Museum Belvedere
10:00 - 17:00 Museum Belvedere

In short one-on-one sessions lasting about five minutes, visitors are given VR glasses and, together with artist Robin Coops, step briefly into a virtual world he has created.

Coops is a director and composer of immersive operas and other music-driven works. In recent years, in addition to operas, films, and theatrical concerts, he has increasingly delved into website digital art, including virtual reality and augmented reality.

In an increasingly digitalized world and after a time of social distance, the theme of the body, and touch in relation to technology is more topical than ever. In his projects, however, the technology is always in the service of the story. For him, the body and the voice are the core elements from which he works and which dialogue with this technology. With Virtual Tactility, Coops explores the tactile of music and image within virtual worlds.

Courtesy of Avinash Changa.


  • Robin Coops, creator
    More about www.robincoops.com
  • Maze the Farmer
  • David Dramm
  • Tom Gelissen

In cooperation with

'Virtual Tactilty' is part of a three-year development project within Station Noord with Oranjewoud Festival and the Noord Nederlands Orkest as Coops' accompanying partners. Visitors thus witness the first steps in the research process.

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