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An Offbeat Movie Night

Red Limo is no ordinary string quartet. Ever since their inception, they have managed to distinguish themselves with their formidable talent for making the crossover to pop. Indeed, the four of them sound like a band. That "unique selling point" did not go unnoticed for long. With the four strings, a complete bevy of top names in Dutch pop music wanted to collaborate: Kyteman, Wende, Thé Lau, Jeangu Macrooy, Dinand Woesthoff, Kensington, The 3J's, Racoon, Typhoon, Chef's Special etc.. The quartet was also a regular part of the Sven Hammond Big Band in the TV program Matthijs Gaat Door and performed at the Ziggo Dome in 2022. 

In 2016, world-renowned singer Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) got wind of that "very special string quartet. At the time, Vedder was just taking a side step in' his career, releasing solo material and touring with it. Red Limo was snared and played all over the world in arenas, mega-sized festivals and even stadiums. In 2019, Red Limo and Eddie Vedder even took the stage at London's legendary Wembley Stadium, where they opened for The Who! 

Back in Holland, a new feeling began to itch at Red Limo Quartet. With the 15-year anniversary in sight, the time had come to come to the fore with their own album, titled An Offbeat Movie Night full of their own work and arrangements. With that, of course, comes a tour. And a performance at Oranjewoud Festival! 



Songs from the album An Offbeat Movie Night and more 

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