Expedition Zone

On life and death

Installations by Rob van den Broek

10:00 - 17:00 Museum Belvedere
10:00 - 17:00 Museum Belvedere

Artist and instrument maker Rob van den Broek shows himself in a foursome of installations: two reflect on death and two celebrate victory over the fear of being different.

My Mother's Coffin

Artist Rob van den Broek has a very close relationship with his mother. For her, he made a coffin in which she will be buried in a natural cemetery after her death. The coffin is made of natural materials and completely biodegradable. Such an intimate gesture and embrace of the inevitable, captured in beauty, contains a certain moving power. The coffin thus has two lives: before and after death, above and below ground, visible and invisible, intact and disintegrated.

Message in a Bottle

Each person processes the death of loved ones or another loss differently or gives it their own meaning. Message in a bottle is an interactive artwork. Visitors are given the opportunity to write down their thoughts on small bills and leave them in the bottles. Because of the fragile glass and thin threads, the installation refers to this fragile connection. By sharing grief or an emptiness and showing it to each other, you also share the pain and a healing connection is created.


Percussion instrument EVA was commissioned by composer Remy Alexander and percussionist Konstantyn Napolov and designed and built by instrument builder and artist Rob van den Broek. Just as Eve was born from a rib of Adam, this EVA was born from the sound bar of Adams Percussion. EVA is like a flower, only revealing its full beauty when opened. Around EVA hangs a cloud of instruments from the same maker.

Melting Pot

The cello quartet Melting Pot with percussion, xylophone and a cue coin was commissioned by the Ragazze Quartet for September Me 2019. Composer Anne-Maartje Lemereis wrote a composition for this instrument for the occasion. Starting point is a closed, collapsed installation, as if in an inward-looking sleep mode. The four cellos are folded outward at the start of the music. Only then does the installation come to life. Melting Pot, EVA and the other instruments symbolize victory over the fear of falling outside the normal framework. They celebrate freedom and life.


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