Family Zone

Sound Village (AL)

Interactive play installations

Photo: Foppe Schut
11:00 - 12:45 The Over Garden
11:00 - 12:45 The Over Garden

Discover the KlankDorp!

Everything makes sound. And what makes sound can be music! In the KlankDorp at the Family Zone there are all kinds of interactive play installations that allow you to make music. Knock, rasp, tap or pluck and a sound comes out. Explore and listen carefully. Which instruments do you think sound nice together?

This section is free for the entire day and can be done alone or together. 


The KlankDorp features interactive installations by multiple creators.

Amadeo Kollectif's installations are Evo Sun, Dieudonnée and Ocean drum.

Evo Sun hosts a four-piece orchestra symbolizing the four directions of the wind. The sounds produced are reminiscent of the vibrations of the earth in the sun. They represent everything that buzzes: insects, bees, wasps ... the Evo Sun is an open door to the small subtleties of nature.

Dieudonnée combines shapes and materials, wood and metal. It invites the air to play with the air. As the wind blows, the drops make the drums resonate and produce random music. The visitor is invited to operate the pump from time to time to feed the system. As a momentary actor, he responds to the invitation of the creator who offers him a moment of sound, water and imaginary escape.

Ocean drum is a wooden sound box. By moving it, you move the marbles inside and activate the sound. In a subtle or crushing way, your audience is in control of this sound sculpture. Individually or together, they create an ocean of swirling sounds.

Aart Strootman 's interactive installation has a direct link to his composition 'Waterworks' in the swimming pool of Parkhotel Tjaarda and lets us hear how pure a mood can be. With a set of beautiful sound bars you can 'float around' in the sound!

Inventor and instrument builder Yuri Landman 's installation is a multi-playable set of tubes on which you can make music next to, over and across from each other! Yuri also has inventions on display in SoundLAB's major exhibition at Museum Belvédère.

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