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Jazz of the Low Countries

Mike Boddé and Hermine Deurloo

Photo © Mike Boddé
Due to illness, Mike Boddé will be replaced by Cor Bakker.

Fascinated by the sound of the chromatic harmonica, Hermine Deurloo exchanged her alto sax for this small instrument. And with success: she now plays with artists ranging from Steve Gadd and Rembrandt Frerichs, to the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and the Metropole Orchestra. Deurloo operates in jazz, but does not allow herself to be limited by any particular style.

'The world can thank the diva for her decision to exchange the alto sax for the chromatic harmonica.' - [Vrij Nederland, Rudie Kagie

Mike Boddé is known from TV and theater as a comedian, writer and presenter, but is also an excellent pianist and composer. When Boddé was nineteen, he traveled to the U.S. to learn to play jazz. Back in the Netherlands, he studied Chinese and went to the conservatory. He has performed with the Metropole Orchestra, among others, is a composer of advertising music and children's songs, and from 2015 a regular guest on the television program Podium Witteman (now Podium Klassiek).

Mike and Hermine play music by Dutch and Belgian jazz musicians such as Ronald Snijders, Philip Catherine and Anton Goudsmit, as well as beautiful and sometimes still unknown melodies by Rogier van Otterloo and Jacques Brel, among others. These are interspersed with funny or interesting anecdotes by Mike Boddé.



Rogier van Otterloo - Green in Between

Rembrandt Frerichs - Carousel

Philip Catherine - Dance for Victor

Toots Thielemans - Old Friend

Mike Boddé - Lullaby for a Hand

Cor Bakker - O Yeah

Anton Goudsmit - Ernesto

Ronald Snijders - Brazilian Blue

Toots Thielemans - Song for my Lady

Micha Mengelberg - Zombi Zua

Jacques Brel - Ne me quitte pas

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