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Giora Feidman & Friends

Exclusive to the Netherlands - Friendship Tour 2023

Music connects - people, cultures, even whole countries. Music does not need a language; it is itself one that everyone can understand. It does not judge the soul it touches. Klezmer musician Giora Feidman knows better than anyone else the moving essence of music, expressing in it his impressive attitude to life. He has always been committed to peace and has come to increasingly appreciate the friendships he has made as a result.

"When I pick up my instrument, I carry a spiritual message of peace, of 'shalom,' into the world. - Feidman

So for his 75th stage anniversary, the clarinetist has a very special wish: to send his message of peace around the world. Since 2022, he has therefore been touring with his Friendship program to make this dream come true for all his friends and fans.

Although Giora Feidman is aware that people cannot be brought together as easily as notes, he firmly believes that music can unite them in peace and friendship. To that end, he himself combines rousing tango with moving klezmer, the excitement of modernity with the connectedness of its traditions, creating a colorful program for everyone - actually for the whole world.


Players Giora Feidman & Friends

Giora Feidman, (bass) clarinet

Nina Hacker, double bass

Sergei Tcherapanov, piano

Piotr Niewiadomski, violin

German Prentki, cello

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