‘Do you work a whole year on this?’ Members of the festival team sometimes get asked this question. Actually, it’s not such a strange question considering that the festival only lasts a few days. But during those days, Oranjewoud is orchestrating just as many activities and performances as some theatres organise all season long – and that often relate to the performance site itself.

This requires lots of preparation: the programme has to be put together, the musicians invited, etc. Funding also has to be raised by approaching funding agencies and government authorities and by talking with businesses about sponsoring. Plans and agreements have to be made with organisations that collaborate with the festival. Then, once the programme is finally established and the funding goals have been met, we still have to arrange all the details and sell the tickets.

This is why it’s so great that we have such a fantastic team of enthusiastic and capable employees who won’t rest until everything is just the way they want it. But before then, there’s still a whole lot to do.  Right before the festival, we get help from dozens of volunteers who take on thousands of important jobs and ensure that festival visitors will have a wonderful time.

Such good teamwork means that we can make the Oranjewoud Festival a big success every year – an event that will make all of our visitors happy :-)

The Festivalteam


Yoram Ish-Hurwitz, artistic director
Harm Witteveen, business manager


Johan de Vries, head of production
Serge Aanstoot, technical director
Nanda Tuinstra, production assistant
Franca Klaus, marketing & communications
Margreet van Litsenburg, marketing assistant
Anne Madrid Y Lopez, coordinator Garden of Delight + look, feel & spirit
Jurjen Enzing, coordinator of ticket sales

Cooperation partners

Dorine Schreurs, financial advisor
Harlingseboys, graphic design
Peter Boorsma, web design


Stichting Landgoedconcerten Oranjewoud

Ingrid Metz, voorzitter ad interim en secretaris
Gerrit Kramer, inkomend penningmeester
Klaas Dijksma, scheidend penningmeester
Yvonne van den Berg
Jacques Malschaert
Lode van Piggelen

Chamber of Commerce Leeuwarden 51205335
IBAN: NL26 RABO 0132 7160 54
status as a cultural charitable institution (ANBI)

Steunstichting Landgoedconcerten Oranjewoud

Frans Bouwers, voorzitter
Hiltsje Leffering, penningmeester
Dineke Hoekstra, bestuurslid
Ingrid Metz, bestuurslid
Janny Klein, bestuurslid

Chamber of Commerce Leeuwarden 54513138
IBAN: NL55 RABO 0132 9868 41
De stichting bezit de culturele ANBI-status


Oranjewoud Festival
Fok 78
8441 BR Heerenveen
The Netherlands