Oranjewoud Festival takes place at indoor and covered outdoor locations in Parklandschap Oranjewoud near Heerenveen (Friesland). Festivalhart De Proeftuin is located in De Overtuin opposite Oranjewoud Estate (Lindelaan 1, 8453 JD Oranjewoud).

All locations are within walking distance of each other. The park landscape is largely car-free and ideal for a nice walk or bike ride. For people with walking difficulties, a golf cart drives back and forth between the entrance to Festivalhart de Proeftuin, the Salon Podium and Museum Belvédère. There are stops where you can wait for the golf cart to take you.

From Amsterdam 1 hour 15 min (A1 > A6 > A7 > A32)
From Utrecht 1 hour 15 min (A28 > A27 > A6 > A7 > A32)
From Groningen 35 min (A7 > A32)
From Zwolle 35 min (A32)

Oranjewoud is located against Heerenveen and is accessible via the A7 and the A32.
Please note!
The exit to Oranjewoud from the north is closed. If you are coming to Oranjewoud from the south, just take exit 11 on the A32. Coming from the north? Then drive one exit further and then back towards Heerenveen/Leeuwarden (detour C). So: continue on the A32 to exit 10, go under the road and then back onto the A32. After this you can take exit 11 to Oranjewoud. The detour routes are indicated by yellow signs. The extra travel time is about five minutes.

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Address for navigation to the parking lot: Prins Bernhardweg 25, Oranjewoud. Caution! Google will send you the wrong way!

Please note
Parking costs €7 per day. You can only pay by debit card.

Heerenveen has an intercity train station that is easily accessible from several directions. To get to Oranjewoud then, there are several options:

* Rent an OV bike at Heerenveen station. Cycling to Oranjewoud is 3.5 kilometers, which is about 15 minutes.
* Use Belbus 6261. It runs regularly, if reserved. Reserve at least one hour in advance: call or text: 0800 - 280 280 3 or send an e-mail to:

* Use local cab transport :
- via Taxi Jeroen : €7.50 per ride for 3 people, each additional person + €2.50. To book, call 06-20228801. For more information visit Taxi Jeroen
- via Carcab : pay €7.50 per ride. Call at least one hour in advance to make reservations to (0513) 763 576. For more information, visit

We would like to urge everyone to come by bicycle as much as possible. This will prevent a large influx of cars into Oranjewoud and relieve parking pressure.

You can also park in Heerenveen and bike the last bit. And even if you park in Oranjewoud, the bicycle is a convenient means of transportation from the parking lot to the festival entrance.

You can park in the central parking lot, from here a shuttle bus will drive to the entrance during the opening hours of the festival. Walking is of course also possible, the distance is about 15 minutes.
Address for navigation: Prins Bernhardweg 25, Oranjewoud

Please note
Parking costs €7 per day, on Thursdays parking is free. You can cash on the spot for a day ticket. If you come all days, then a multi-day parking ticket at € 15 is advantageous. You can order this ticket here:

Multi-day parking ticket



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Oranjewoud Festival is a low-threshold, multifaceted and stimulating music festival in the fairytale parkland of Oranjewoud near Heerenveen (Friesland) | May 30 to June 2, 2024

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