Festivalhart de Proeftuin

Under the Surface

Miin Triuwa - My loyalty

15:00 - 17:00 Living Lab Stage
15:00 - 17:00 Living Lab Stage

Improvisation, composition, language and cultures merge and influence each other. The world is in Under The Surface. On this special third album, they reflect on their own background and find their own "folk" with a fully composed album, Miin Triuwa, my loyalty, sung in Old Dutch.

'Breathtaking and intense' - De Volkskrant

With Miin Triuwa, Under The Surface embarks on a new musical journey with compositions by guitarist Bram Stadhouders. He wrote a suite of eight pieces in which the characters and qualities of the band members rise above themselves. The improvisations that are always subject to change and that make the group so characteristic are now captured in a solid musical statement that shows what the band stands for. Instead of traveling to other worlds, the group looked inward with this project and explored how their own roots influence their music.

'Hit-sensitive jazz folk in Old Dutch' - NRC



Bure Thii Northwint

Samo Stark So The Dooth

Vrohta Endi Bivunga

About Himila

Sunna Wiisheida

Reinon Githankon

Miin Triuwa

Thiin Stemma Skelle In Ewon


Break 15.45-16.15

Players Under the Surface

Sanne Rambags - vocals & lyrics

Bram Stadhouders - guitar & compositions

Joost Lijbaart - drums and organization

Ted Masseurs - sound

Annabel Laura - vocals, lyre, keyboard, percussion, guitar

Lennart Heyndels - bass

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