Night of the Park

During the Night of the Park, you’ll enter an enchanting world where light is supplanted by darkness, dreams merge with reality, and silence makes way for amazing sounds.

Part 1: Sheherazade's Dream (22.15 to 23.30)

As you walk through the Overtuin at night, brief musical performances appear as suddenly as they disappear. You hear tender night songs by Schubert, then lonely songs calling you like a siren from the foliage.

Songs, edited for baritone and guitar.

Part 2: Midnight concert (0.00 to 1.00)
As midnight approaches, everyone will gather for the Midnight Concert with a performance of Unremembered composed by Sarah Kirkland Snider. A meditation on memory, innocence, and the haunted grandeur of the natural world, listening to this piece is like looking at the world through the eyes of a child in preparation for the sometimes terrifying events to be faced as an adult.