Oranjewoud Festival

Dawn Concert

Wake up to Lucie Horsch and LUDWIG

ma 5 juni 05:00-06:00

Museum Belvédère

Dawn Concert

Who wouldn't enjoy waking up to Lucie Horsch and LUDWIG with the finest view in the Netherlands? Exactly what's on offer from the great glass windows of Museum Belvédère. They're really enormous living 'paintings' of the surrounding landscape, slowly waking up with the rising sun. It turns into a full-blown dawn chorus of blackbirds, nightingales, sedge warblers and maybe even an actual cuckoo.  All followed by breakfast with the musicians at refectory tables in the museum!

Setting: indoors
Breakfast from 6.15

Made by LUDWIG, comprising the following performers.

Artists and performers

Aisling Casey, oboe
Arjan Woudenberg, clarinet
Frank Brakkee, viola
Ingrid Geerlings, flute
Laurens Otto, horn
Lucie Horsch, recorder
Michael Müller, cello
Nadia Wijzenbeek, violin
Naomi Peters, violin
Sören Leupold, chitaronne
Wilmar de Visser, double bass


Jacob van Eyck - English nightingale 
Joseph Haydn - Symphony no. 6, 2nd movement, Adagio
Francois Couperin - Le Rossignol en Amour 
Camille Saint-Saëns: Voliere 
Antonio Vivaldi - Recorder concerto 'Il Gardellino', RV 428
Olivier Messiaen - Le merle noir
Camille Saint-Saëns - Coucou 
Camille Saint-Saëns - Le Cygne 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Primavera 
Johann Sebastian Bach - Sinfonia from Himmelskonig sei wilkommen, BWV 182


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