Yoga in Concert

A wonderful journey through the inner space

icon-timeSat 1 June 10:30-11:30

icon-pointerDe Overtuin

Yoga in Concert

8 Saxophones and a Yogini will guide you into a mesmerizing flow where music, breath and movement become one. Surrender to the waves of Canto Ostinato, an intriguing, ever changing yet repetitive piece of music composed by Simeon Ten Holt. Enjoy the playful interaction between movement and sound, tension and release, continuity and flow. Let the music guide you into a meditative state of mind and be hypnotized by the rhythm of a continuous yoga flow of breathe and movement. Dive into an adventure that invites the mind to become still and nourishes the soul. Let the music move you on an emotional level and enjoy a wonderful journey through inner space.

Artists and performers

Daphne Koken, yoga
Nederlands Saxofoon Octet


Simeon ten Holt - Canto Ostinato
(arrangement Stefan de Wijs)


€ 19,50*
€ 9,75 (jongeren 16 t/m 30 jaar)
€ 2,50 (jongeren t/m 15 jaar)

*exclusief stapelkorting

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