Waltzing in the Woods

Swing along to LUDWIG's dance band!

icon-timeza 3 juni 13:00-14:00

icon-pointerMansion Oranjewoud

Waltzing in the Woods

In the historical interior setting of the Landgoed Oranjewoud, the musicians of LUDWIG will play festive dance music by Johann Strauss as well as tangos and foxtrots. Of course you can sit to one side to watch and listen but getting up and taking part would be even better!

Setting: indoors

Made by LUDWIG, comprising of the following performers.

Artists and performers

Arjan Woudenberg, clarinet
Frank Brakkee, viola
Henry Kelder, piano
Ingrid Geerlings, flute
Michael Müller, cello
Nadia Wijzenbeek, violin
Naomi Peters, violin
Wilmar de Visser, double bass


including Johann Strauss (Viennese waltzes)



€ 22,50 (minus tot 30% stapelkorting)
€ 2,50 (t/m 18 jaar)
Including a drink and a dancing lesson

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