Descend into an underground world of sound and image

icon-timezo 4 juni 13:00-14:00

icon-pointerBB Bunker


Descend into the Cold War bunker and enter a world of light and dark and wondrous sounds. Deep underground, you can listen to Simeon ten Holt's famous Canto Ostinato in a special performance for four loudspeakers and computer programmer AlexP. He directs and steers the piece by touching the digital keys. Look over his shoulder and you'll see exactly what's going on, while projections on the wall illustrate the process. Benches and cushions are disributed throughout the rooms, so you can sit or lie down to experience the music. Move to a different room and hear the music from a fresh perspective.

Setting: indoors

Artists and performers



Simeon ten Holt - Canto Ostinato



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