The Art of Freedom

Julia Philippens & Xavi Torres: groovy jazz with a classical cachet

icon-timeFri 31 May 18:15-19:15

icon-pointerRabobank Pavilion

The Art of Freedom

The commonly held view of classical musicians is that they are always striving for the ultimate in technical playing ability. This enables them to convey classical music in all of its refinements in order to allow the audience to share in the music’s underlying world of emotions. But they’re not that great when it comes to improvisation. Jazz musicians seem to be just the opposite: technique is less important than grooving, flexibility and a talent for improvisation - things that let them capture the more laid-back feel of jazz music. Jazz violinist Julia Philippens (also a member of Fuse) and jazz pianist Xavi Torres don’t agree. Both were trained as classical musicians and believe that classical technical skills can take the expressiveness and refinement of jazz to new heights. To create the perfect marriage between control and freedom, they formed a new duo and chose the Oranjewoud Festival as one of the first venues to present themselves.

By performing together, they are finding what they sometimes miss in their immediate musical environment. The pieces they compose for each other give them the chance to be totally themselves while still challenging them to rediscover themselves in order to keep the piece interesting. This programme shows just how vulnerable performing as a duo can be. There’s no bass or drums to fall back on during bold improvisations. The farther they deviate from the original composition, the more exciting the return to the main theme. Be there to witness this musical quest.

Artists and performers

Julia Philippens & Xavi Torres, viool/piano


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