Stagioni (bis)

Cello recital by Mayke Rademakers on the four seasons of life

icon-timema 5 juni 14:00-15:00

icon-pointerOrangerie of Mansion Oranjestein

Stagioni (bis)

Inspired by Vivaldi's Four Seasons, Mayke Rademakers has written a new solo work for cello, reflecting the four seasons of life itself.  The movements alternate between slow and melodic and exciting, stirring and rhythmic. You'll occasionally hear a quote from Vivaldi's masterpiece, note for note or perhaps more subliminally. Mayke's music occasionally crosses over into film music, jazz, minimalism and a mix of Western and Oriental aspects, drawing inspiration for instance from Sephardic music (Jewish music from Spain and Portugal).

Mayke plays both acoustic and electric cellos. This presents you with a thrilling combination of authentic, warm cello sounds and the endless sound options available to the electric cello. She also uses sampling to accompany herself.

Setting: indoors

Artists and performers

Mayke Rademakers, cello/electric cello


Mayke Rademakers - Stagioni



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