Vanbinsbergen Playstation wraps up

icon-timezo 10 juni 17:00-19:00


With VANBINSBERGEN PLAYSTATION Corrie van Binsbergen picks up the threads of her instrumental earlier bands. After twelve years of mainly focusing on projects with literature and composing for large contemporary ensembles, theater and film, the time was ripe for this energetic all-star superband. Like before there are no boundaries, no limiting styles, but her own: energetic, bold and playful. The music an extremely agreeable and happy amalgam of suspenseful antitheses. Like a fan on facebook reacted: This is the most incredible music. Bebop with a modern twist, I am an instant fan!

The band had a fantastic first tour that started at Jazz in Duketown May 2015 and went on until North Sea July 2016. Public and press are super enthusiastic. Read the reviews under press. Their first album LIVE was nominated for the Edison Publieksprijs 2016.

In spring 2017 they launched their second concept album TALES WITHOUT WORDS.

Artists and performers

Corrie van Binsbergen, guitar