Pitch Dark

An underground world of light and sound

icon-timezo 10 juni 12:00-13:00

Pitch Dark

In an underground air raid shelter, cellist Katharina Gross, composer/percussionist Arnold Marinissen, visual artist Giny Vos and set designer Noor Stenfert Kroese will present ‘Pitch Dark’. In an interplay of light and music, Gross and Marinissen weave musical threads with new work while light movements and objects produced by Vos & Kroese take on the roles of actors. A feeling of intimacy and elusiveness develop from merging the sounds of an acoustic cello, electronics, percussion instruments, field recordings and musique concrete. Instrument builder Rob van den Broek created a 12-string cello especially for ‘Pitch Dark’.

The manifestations of light in ‘Pitch Dark’ are based on the neurophysiological effects seen when you close your eyes: images, after-images and movements that form on the inside of your eyelids. These phenomena are the basis for the light installation created by Giny Vos and Noor Stenfert Kroese. An interplay of acoustic, optic and spatial stimuli play with our powers of perception in the dark.

Extra: take a look at Rob van den Broek’s other cello-like creations in the exhibition especially created for the festival and showing in Museum Belvédère.

Artists and performers

Arnold Marinissen, compositie en slagwerk
Katharina Gross, cello


Arnold Marinissen/Katharina Gross – Pitch Dark



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