Moving Letters

The Bubble as a boundary and connection between nature and technology

icon-timeza 9 juni 20:00-21:00

Moving Letters

‘Moving Letters’ is a brand-new multidisciplinary production at the festival’s most surreal location: The Bubble. This gigantic plastic installation created by the Italian artist Marco Canevacci together with South Korean artist Yena Young and the Plastique Fantastique studio in Berlin consists of a big transparent bubble, a smaller white one, and a ring that serves as a corridor connecting both bubbles. This installation can accommodate 150 people inside it. On the one hand, it creates a close and literal connection with the surrounding natural environment; on the other hand, it also creates just the opposite: an artificial divide. The Bubble is Canevacci's and Young’s way of playing a refined game of inside versus outside, and the natural world versus our human culture.

Together with two other festivals (Oerol and the Grachtenfestival), the Oranjewoud Festival commissioned a young composer by the name of Tijn Wybenga to create a special production that would expose the essence of The Bubble and make use of its many characteristics. His production, ‘Moving Letters’, is about the apparent contrast between the natural world as the source of everything and modern technology with which the human race is increasingly surrounding itself. Lyrics, dance and music reveal a story that confronts us with this contrast, involves us in it, and ultimately reconciles us with it.

Artists and performers

Collectief AM.OK
Jonne Kramer, schrijver/verteller
Marco Canevacci, architect/visual artist (IT)
Tijn Wybenga, componist/elektronica
Uri Eugenio, dance/choreography
Yena Young, visual artist (KR)


Tijn Wybenga – Moving Letters



€ 17,50 (excl. stack discount)
Up to and including 18 years € 2,50

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In collaboration with Oerol and Grachtenfestival.