Oranjewoud Festival

24chambers: HUSH

An intimate concert by Nora Fischer and Marnix Dorrestein

za 3 juni 21:00-22:00

24chambers: HUSH

After finding her perfect partner in crime Marnix Dorrestein (a.k.a. IX), one of Nora Fischer’s long awaited dreams finally became reality: the redefinition of early music songs. This period has provided songs with an incredible beauty that are extremely close to the pop music of today, only with a performance practice that is usually far away from the ears of this generation. With this project, Nora places these songs in our time. Stripped of mannerisms, sung in a lower key and performed in the pure version of what they are: simple, timeless and intensely beautiful. Sometimes groovy and soulful, sometimes silent and soul piercing. Approached with the creativity of songwriters in the 21st century.


24Chambers, founded february 2017, is a music streaming platform, featuring today's best young musicians. Every 24th day of the month, there is a live stream of an intimate concert from an unknown place. More info at 24classics.com


Artists and performers

Marnix Dorrestein, electric guitar
Nora Fischer, soprano



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