How to play the triangle (première)

Immigration, adaptation and acceptance in an upbeat interactive concert performance

icon-timeThu 30 May 17:30-18:30

icon-pointerFB Oranjewoud Pavilion

How to play the triangle (première)

The Youth Percussion Pool & Tatiana Koleva are up to a new adventure: engaging you - the audience - into an interactive - theatrical concert with music by Leonard Bernstein. You will be drawn into the world of the West Side Story through the brand new compositions of David Dramm, Vanessa Lann, Ron Ford, Ned McGowan and Tatiana Koleva and the energizing performance of the ensemble.

Have you ever thought about playing percussion? Orchestral percussion? And moreover triangle? Easy? … or not? You could try it with the Youth Percussion Pool and see how Leonard Bernstein does it!

Members of the Youth Percussion Pool will prepare the audience to be part of the actual concert by offering special workshops prior to the performance:

Artists and performers

Tatiana Koleva, percussion
Youth Percussion Pool


€ 17,50*
€ 8,75 (jongeren 16 t/m 30 jaar)
€ 2,50 (jongeren t/m 15 jaar)

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