Rhythmic voyage of discovery through the woods with Tatiana Koleva

icon-timeza 3 juni 15:00-16:00


Leave your posh shoes at home and get your hiking boots on. The percussionists of Youth Percussion Pool and Tatiana Koleva will lead you on a rhythmical voyage of discovery through the trees of the Tuimelaarsbos. Clapping your way along the paths, you'll be initiated into the music of Steve Reich and Iannis Xenakis.

Setting: outdoors

Artists and performers

Tatiana Koleva, percussion
Youth Percussion Pool


Steve Reich - 'Clapping Music for Pieces of Wood'
Ianis Xenakis - Rebounds A & B
Steve Reich - Drumming (deel 1)



€ 14,50 (minus tot 30% stapelkorting)
€ 2,50 (t/m 18 jaar)

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