Délices de France

With Erik Bosgraaf on a visit to the Sun King

icon-timeza 9 juni 13:00-14:00

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Délices de France

This programme performed by Cordevento offers exquisite little pearls taken from the French Baroque. In the stylistic development of the Baroque, France played a very specific role due to Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King. Even the instruments used by Cordevento had undergone a major development in France. The three-part recorder as we know it today was invented and perfected by the Hotteterre family. The Baroque guitar was so popular that even the Sun King was a talented player. And the French harpsichord repertoire, including the works of Jean-Henri d’Anglebrert, for example, is of the highest conceivable level.

Listen to the stunning subtleties of exciting Baroque dances and limitless ornamentation!

Artists and performers

Erik Bosgraaf, blokfluit
Izhar Elias, guitar


Jean Marie Leclair -  Sonata in g minor, Opus 9
Francesco Corbetta -  Caprices de Chacone in C dor guitar solo
Jacques (Martin) Hotteterre -  Troisième suitte in G Major (selection)
Jean-Henri d’Anglebert -  Passacaille for harpsichord solo
Jean-Fery Rebel -  Sonate cinquième in D Major
François Couperin -  Neuvième Concert, Intitulé Ritratto dell’amore in E Major
François Couperin -  Petit morceau pour flageolet d’oiseau' for recorder solo
Francesco Corbetta -  Passacaille in g minor for guitarsolo
Pierre Danican Philidor -  Cinquième Suitte in e minor



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