Dada Revisited

History revived: Dada is back!

icon-timeza 3 juni 20:00-21:00

icon-pointerMuseum Belvédère

Dada Revisited

Dada is back! The most bizarre movement of the twentieth century gets a revival in Museum Belvédère. LUDWIG presents a performance including fragments from the renowned appearance by Kurt Schwitters in Drachten on 8 April 1923, collected sayings of Evert Rinsema, hilarious harmonium caprices by Dirk Luijmes, images by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, music by Erik Satie and unpredictable contributions from Aart Strootman and Florian de Backere - come along and enjoy it!

Setting: indoors
Decor with Evert Rinsema furnishings (Museum Belvédère collection)

Made by LUDWIG, comprising the following performers.

Artists and performers

Aart Strootman, (electric) guitar
Arjan Woudenberg, clarinet
Dirk Luijmes, harmonium
Florian de Backere, narrator


Including Erik Satie, texts by Kurt Schwitters and Evert Rinsema


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