Before I Die (bis)

Musical theatre show by Zwolle Chamber Opera about four women wrestling with the deaths they chose for themselves

icon-timema 5 juni 14:00-15:00

Before I Die (bis)

A group of female characters, including Norma and Butterfly, all with a romantic drama  behind them, end up in a twilight zone after their suicides, a vague hiatus between life and death. The women are still too unsettled to die irretrievably. They have turned in on themselves and are as yet unable to come to peace with their histories. They're plagued by questions: did I have to sacrifice myself? Was it heroic or desperate? Who is to blame for this drama?

Zwolle Chamber Opera and the Belgian wind ensemble I Solisti di Vento have created a special musical theatre show with music by Bellini and Puccini, arranged by Lies Colman. The performance takes place in Luilekkerland, once the kitchen garden for Landgoed Oranjewoud.

Setting: outdoors

Artists and performers

I Solisti del Vento


Vincenzo Bellini (Norma) and Giacomo Puccini (Madame Butterfly).
Arrangements by Lies Colman



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