Oranjewoud Festival Seeks 2 members for the Supervisory Board

Oranjewoud Festival
Oranjewoud Festival is an adventurous, accessible and international music festival that takes place annually at indoor and outdoor venues of Parklandschap Oranjewoud near Heerenveen. The playing locations for especially but not exclusively classical concerts are diverse, from a forest or grass field to an underground bunker, a country house or a stretch tent. With the approachable Festivalhart de Proeftuin and our program lines Family, Play, Comfort and Expedition Zone , we appeal to future audiences of all ages, classical-music lovers and cultural adventurers. As an organization, we brim with new ideas and do not rest until they are realized, with a critical eye on our responsibility for the beautiful venue. In this way we let people hear, see and feel that classical music is alive and well and presented in nature sounds even more beautiful.

Organization and supervision
The daily management of the Oranjewoud Festival Foundation has been delegated by the Supervisory Board to two director-directors, in charge of artistic and business policy. The Supervisory Board acts as the employer of the directors, consults with them an average of four times a year and carries out its duties responsibly. It applies the relevant laws and regulations and the Cultural Governance Code. The Supervisory Board monitors the agreements made with the directors regarding artistic and business policy, including financing, a multi-year plan including budget, annual accounts and other occurring matters. The Supervisory Board has an uneven number of members (by statute) of at least 3 and a maximum of 5 persons. Members are appointed for a term of 4 years, with the possibility of extension for a maximum of 1 term.

Desired composition of the Board
The Supervisory Board is composed in such a way that the members can function independently of each other, sectional interests and director-directors as good managers, supervisors and advisors. The Supervisory Board values a broad representation of expertise. This involves the knowledge and qualities that make up a desirable composition of the Board:

  • At least one member with a cultural-social and/or political profile with an understanding of the lifeworld of (future) visitors to Oranjewoud Festival;
  • At least one member with knowledge and experience in finance, entrepreneurship and the associated opportunities and risks;
  • At least one member with a legal background and/or administrative law knowledge.

The aim is for the Council to have a diverse composition, looking at people with different backgrounds and different experiences so that the Council can do its work based on a mix of also different insights. Specific portfolios are distributed based on availability and background.

In addition, it is of course important that each board member has sufficient time available to advise and assist the director-directors in addition to the regular meetings, as well as being able and willing to use their own network for the festival.


To complete the Board of Supervisors, Oranjewoud Festival is seeking two new members:

  • a member with a cultural-social profile, preferably with specific knowledge of and experience in the social/public domain.
    The festival operates actively in this public, social domain and the supervisor knows its context. Oranjewoud Festival is there for everyone. In particular, this member oversees the diversity and inclusion policy and brings an inspiring vision of how the festival can best connect with society.
  • a member with a financial profile.
    This supervisor has knowledge and experience in financial management, reporting, planning and control cycle, operations and risk management.


General profile SB members Oranjewoud Festival
A supervisor of
Oranjewoud Festival:

  • Has an affinity for the festival and for Park Landscape Oranjewoud;
  • Is able to communicate the festival's vision;
  • Possesses general administrative qualities, preferably has experience as a director of a cultural, community or commercial organization;
  • is committed to the purpose and nature of the foundation;
  • may oversee the implementation of the foundation's policy principles;
  • Is able to work with the other Board of Supervisors as a team, is a team player;
  • Can communicate board policies both internally and externally;
  • can supervise in broad terms, knows how to keep distance from the organization, is not focused on operational policy;
  • Can guard the balance between critical opposition and constructive collaboration;
  • Is able to assess strategic principles, knows how to hold a mirror up to the organization by asking critical questions;
  • Can handle confidential data.

Candidates may express their interest by sending a written motivation to by November 10, 2023.

Acquisition in response to these vacancies is not appreciated.

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Oranjewoud Festival is a low-threshold, multifaceted and stimulating music festival in the fairytale parkland of Oranjewoud near Heerenveen (Friesland) | May 30 to June 2, 2024

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